Yours Mine Design was founded in 2017 when founder Elina Rapeli wanted to create beautiful and durable products out of high-quality materials to her children. The mission was to have everything manufactured here in Finland. High-quality materials and durable products have been a cornerstone in Elina’s design work. By fall of 2018, Yours Mine Design has transcended hobby status and become a job.

Elina grew up with two siblings. At 16, Elina made a pact with her brother that they would never work together. After 16 years, the pact had to be broken when the brother in question, Petri Rapeli, joined the company.

Yours Mine Design was born in Helsinki, Finland, where a sense of being in a rush and an emphasis on putting quality first are part of daily life. In Helsinki, you might see men with briefcases power walking down Aleksanterinkatu towards the stock exchange or mothers with children taking their time to walk to a café for their morning coffee or to a park. Surroundings and street sceneries are diverse in Helsinki. Trust and honesty are irreplaceable, and both of these are values that we want to cherish.

Children and their vulnerability. Adults who are the children’s whole world. We want to help create happy memories and joyful moments for families and children surrounded by their loved ones.

Our key values include quality, reliability, flexibility, and authenticity. We believe that high quality will never go out of style and that it’s an honor to make long-lasting products. This is our way of taking part in determining what kind of world and nature we leave for future generations.

Yours Mine Design is a Finnish brand that offers various home decoration products and gift products. We use the finest natural materials in our products. Whenever possible, we also make everything here in Finland. Supporting Finnish artisanship is one of our passions.

When we need to outsource to other countries, we choose manufacturing sites carefully and use materials that support sustainable development. We require our partners to show high morals and ethics in how they operate. We want partners who share our values. Acting responsibly, integrity, being humane, and respect.

We use South American, 100 % mulesing-free merino wool for our “giant-knit” products. In blankets, we use South American, 100 % mulesing-free merino wool that is refined into fine yarn in Italy. The cotton we use always comes from eco-friendly farms.